Dog Who Can’t Wait To Fetch Mail Every Day Now Gets Her Own Letters


Pippa the dog lives in Brisbane, Australia. She loves mail and she also loves their family's postman, Martin Studer. Whenever he arrives at the house Pippa rushes to greet him, excited to fetch the mail out of his hands and to take it back to her humans.


Dog-mail-2Source: @Facebook


The family doesn't always receive mail, though, and the pup can't hide her disappointment when Studer arrives empty-handed. So he decided to improvise and came up with the sweetest idea for Pippa. He published the adorable result on his Facebook page on 18 August.


Dog-mail-1Source: @Facebook


He wrote mail especially for Pippa – so that even if the family had received nothing, their faithful four-legged friend's day could still be made with the arrival of letters!


Now Pippa will always have mail to collect – mail with her name on it!


Dog-mail-3Source: @Facebook


Studer is a dog lover of note and has shown his affection for pups before. He once gave a tennis ball to every dog in the neighbourhood as a Christmas present!


Pippa never has to worry again that her best bud will arrive empty-handed. It's clear from the expression on her face that this is one pleased pup.