Dog Meat Farmer Convicted By A South Korean Court


Last week, in South Korea, a dog meat farmer from Bucheon was found guilty of "killing animals without valid reason" and for violating hygiene regulations and building standards. The man was condemned by the town court. A step in the right direction for animal activists.


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In South Korea, canine meat consumption is sadly fairly common. It is a culinary tradition deeply rooted in the culture of the country with nearly one million dogs being consumed by the inhabitants each year.


However, changing attitudes in the country is seeing the tradition reduce in popularity with eating dog meat becoming a somewhat taboo subject. The younger generations no longer tend to see these animals as farm animals, but rather as pets. Animal advocates are redoubling their efforts to end this cruel practice in many Western countries.


The case took place last year, but the judgment was only made public this week. At the time, the association Care had filed a complaint against a breeder of Bucheon whom it had accused of "killing animals without valid reason" as well as of failure to comply with hygiene rules.


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The prosecution had charged the farmer and the city court found him guilty, sentencing him to a fine of three million won (2700 dollars). His lawyer, Kim Kyung-eun, welcomed the ruling. According to 20 Minutes, she told AFP:


It is very important in that it's the first court decision that states that killing dogs for their meat is illegal in itself. [The judgment] paves the way for canine meat consumption to be made completely illegal.


A member of the Democratic Party of the country recently proposed a law to the National Assembly in order to limit the slaughter of animals to the livestock category, of which dogs are not a part.


If you recall, last year Taiwan forbid eating dog and cat meat. A victory which proved that the fight for animal rights is far from being lost.