Disabilities Aren’t Gonna Stop These Shelter Dogs From Running Around In The Snow


Although some of us might not be enjoying all of the snow lately, these disabled dogs on wheelchairs certainly are!


Gritta Götz runs the Gnadenhof Lanzenhainer Rasselbande, a sanctuary for elderly, sick, and disabled dogs, horses, and cats in Germany. Götz recently shared this video on Facebook of some of the residents in the sanctuary enjoying all of the snow.


running-in-snow-5Source: @GrittaGötz


These pups have obviously gone through some tough times but even if their back legs may no longer work or they're suffering from disabilities, nothing's going to stop them from cavorting about outside in the snow! On wheelchairs or limping around, these shelter dogs aren't phased at all – they're just very happy!


running-dogs-1Source: @GrittaGötz


Watch the video that Gritta posted of all the dogs running about the snow here:



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