Deaf Pit Bull And Her Deaf Human Love To Chat In Sign Language


They are a match made in heaven. Rosie, a deaf Pit bull mix, has just been adopted by Cindy Koch, a woman who is also deaf.



When Rosie arrived at the Humane Society shelter in Nebraska, the volunteers feared she might never find a forever home. But they were unaware of the fact that she could not hear – when they would call the 3-year-old pup, she would not respond.



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That was until Tracie Pfeifle, one of the employees, realized that Rosie was in fact deaf, and decided to learn sign language for the dog.



[Rosie] was pretty scared at first. I don't think she had a good first four years of her life.


But after learning a few signs, including a thumbs-up for "good girl," Pfeifle says the dog transformed into a totally different animal.


Despite her progress, however, nobody seemed interested in adopting Rosie. Her handicap was preventing her finding a happy family, because having a dog who cannot hear requires considerably more effort.



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But then Cindy Koch arrived, met Rosie, and did not hesitate for a second. She had always wanted to adopt a deaf dog, and she told the local news channel KCTV5:


Because I'm deaf and we want to relate to her, and understand how she feels — want to communicate with her through signing, teach her signing.


Rosie and Cindy got along from the start. One only has to see them in action to admit that they have no problem in communicating with each other and overcoming their handicap.



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Rosie has become a completely new, lively dog thanks to her human. She loves cuddles and is very alert and energetic. Cindy says she has no problem understanding her sweet, gentle Pit bull.



    Aucun doute, elles ne pouvaient pas mieux tomber. La preuve en vidéo :  


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