Cheerful Duck Turns Up And Changes This Grief-Stricken Dog’s Life


In August 2014, George, an old dog from Tennessee, USA, lost his lifelong partner, Blackie, a Labrador, reports The Dodo.


Filled with grief since that day, he fell into a deep depression. Jacquie Litton, his human, was afraid he wouldn't survive.


But last month the old dog met a friend who changed his life.


canard-chien-amitié-1Source: Jaquie Litton

A friendly duck suddenly appeared out of nowhere and approached George.


Source: Jaquie Litton

This timely duck seemed to have a positive effect on George. Jacquie explained on her Facebook page:


We have no idea where this duck came from but he sure does love George and since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time. It is strange for a Duck to just appear at our house and be attached to your dog and even more strangely the anniversary week of Blackie's passing.


canard-chien-amitié-3Source: Jacquie Litton

Since then, George and Donald the duck have been inseparable. Jacquie even allowed the little creature to sleep in the house next to his four-legged friend, who had kindly offered the duck his pillow.


Source: Jacquie Litton

Jacquie doesn't know exactly what caused Donal to become friends with George, but his company is very precious for the old dog. According to his human, he is finally his old self again.


Just a morning stroll…..a dog and his duck


Publié par Jacquie Litton sur jeudi 11 août 2016


George finally got back his taste for life thanks to this special friend who appeared out of the blue.


H/t: The Dodo