Cat Can’t Stop Cuddling The Sick Kittens His Human Adopts


Ellen Carozza adopted Benedict Cumbercat when he was a sick, malnourished, stray kitten. She is a veterinary technician and rescuing hopeless cats is one of her passions, so when she saw Benny, she knew she had to take him in, according to The Dodo.


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She says:


I fell in love even with the snotty nose and his horrible eye infection. I knew he was supposed to be mine.


But this smart cat never forgot the kindness his human showed to him, and he found the heart to show this same kindness to other kittens in need. He is a foster dad who is constantly welcoming new babies into his house – and his arms. He has fostered dozens of new arrivals and is always excited when Carozza comes home with another box full.


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Carozza claims that Benny is a natural with the babies, and it might be because she treat him in a very hands-on manner when he first arrived. She continued:


He actually gets very depressed when we don't have kittens. I'd like to think he is returning the favor we gave him a few years ago.


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One especially needy kitten, Winifred, arrived home with Carozza one day and Benny knew she'd be needing even more love and attention than usual. Winnie weighed half of what she should have and was rejected by her mother.


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Benny immediately took the kitten in his arms, keeping her warm, treating her like his own baby, and helping her to get stronger. She has already picked up weight and is no longer septic. And as soon as she's ready, Winnie will move in with Carozza's sister in New York…


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And Benedict Cumbercat will be waiting for the next lot of orphaned kitties to come home, needing his warmth and love.


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You can keep updated with his adventures on Instagram or make a donation to the Nova Cat Clinic, where Carozza works and helps all the stray kitties.



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