Caitlyn, The Pitbull Who Was Tortured And Abandoned, Has Been Voted “Survivor Of The Year”


The story of Caitlyn shocked the entire world last June. This young female Pitbull was found in a terrible state, her mouth sealed shut with duct tape.


Since her horrific ordeal, Caitlyn has bounced back and is wagging her tail like never before. And so we weren't surprised to find out that People magazine have just named her "Survivor of the Year 2015".



Source : @TheDodo


Caitlyn was taken in by the charity "Charleston Animal Society" based in North Carolina. She had managed to escape from her home and torturer and had been suffering on the streets alone for 48 hours, with her mouth shut tight.


The man responsible for this act of torture had just adopted this poor dog and he claimed he couldn't put up with her barking. The 41-year-old man was thankfully found and charged with animal abuse.



Source : @TheDodo


After several surgical operations and intensive care, the pup managed to start using her jaw again. Slowly but surely, with the love and care she received from the people at the shelter, she managed to regain her confidence in life and human beings.



Source : @TheDodo


And she's doing so much better now. Thankfully, Caitlyn was quickly taken in by a loving foster family who are offering her all the love and care she so desperately deserves whilst she waits to find her forever home.



Source : @TheDodo


Her story moved so many people that she ended up becoming the mascot for the firemen of North Carolina's new calendar!



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And to top it all off, the American magazine People are featuring Caitlyn as the "Best Survival Story of 2015" in their late December issue to recognise her outstanding bravery in the face of such cruelty.



The charity which helped to get Caitlyn back on her feet wrote on their Facebook page:


We have received many emails and comments about how much she has been an inspiration for people in abusive situations and with scars! Her bravery in the face of such abuse and her beautiful scars have given many people hope for change in their own lives!


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