Bubbling With Cuteness: This Pitbull Puppy Takes A Bath For The First Time


Some dogs loves baths, others hate them. But Lucy, this adorable 7-week-old Pitbull puppy, is clearly overwhelmed with joy to discover those warm bubbles for the first time.


Lucy already had our hearts melting when we first saw that wrinkly face and those blue eyes. But when she arrives in her new home and gets given a lovely bubbly bath, that little face just gets us bubbling too!


pitbull-bathSource: @YouTube


Lucy is so relaxed while she's getting her nice warm massage from her new human, that she even starts to doze off!


pitbull-bath-1Source: @YouTube


As if we could feel any warmer inside, she then gets wrapped up into a little blanket and it's all over for us… Cuteness overload.


pitbull-bath-2Source: @YouTube


Watch the adorable video of Lucy enjoying her first bath here:



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