At 184 Years Old, This Tortoise Discovers The Joy Of Having A Bath For The First Time


On March 19, the oldest tortoise in the world, called Jonathan, had a bath for the first time in his life.


At the honorable age of 184 years old, the world's oldest living animal was overjoyed when he got a bath on St Helena island in the Pacific Ocean.


tortoise-oldest-1Source: @StHelena/YouTube


Originally from the Seychelles, the giant tortoise moved to the island in 1882. For his 50th birthday, the British governor on the island got the tortoise as a gift.


From that moment on, Jonathan carried on living a very peaceful, fulfilling life wandering around the garden of the Plantation House, which is still home to the English governor.


Ahead of a royal visit in May, it was decided that the most famous celebrity on the island should be given a bath in preparation.


tortoise-oldest-9Source: @Telegraph


So the island's vet, Dr. Hollins, got a sponge and some very delicate soap and started giving the animal a much needed soak.


After all, there was almost two centuries worth of dust and earth that needed cleaning from his shell!


tortoise-oldest-4Source: @StHelena/YouTube


The giant tortoise who's over 114cm long and 60cm tall was extremely proud to show off his new squeaky clean appearance.


tortoise-oldest-8Source: @Dailymail


The tortoise is still in good health and the vet added:


Hopefully he won't have to wait another 185 years before his next bath.

tortoise-oldest-7Source: @Dailymail


The proud doctor finished saying: "It was an honour to be able to take care of the oldest animal in the world… A very emotional experience indeed."


Watch Jonathan enjoy his first bath here: