All The Animals At This Shelter Have Been Adopted For The First Time In 13 Years


Harrison County Control Shelter in Indiana, USA, has never seen quieter days. And for good reason, all the animals have been adopted.



refuge animaux tous adoptésSource: Facebook/Harrison County Animal Control Shelter


Silence has never sounded so good as for the first time in 13 years at the shelter all the dogs and cats have found a new home.


The news quickly went viral on social media with hundreds of people liking and sharing the good news on Facebook.


This overwhelming amount of online participation is one of the main reasons why the shelter was emptied. Amber Brewer, shelter office manager, told The Dodo:


We attribute our adoption success to the social media community […] Their posts on social media are instrumental in maximizing the visibility of every animal, from those available for adoption, to stray animals getting reunited with their families. They truly make a huge difference.


Shelters are full of animals just waiting to find their forever home, and social media is a key tool in adoption process. It's thanks to their support that this shelter has achieved something so wonderful!