Abandoned Kitten Rescued And Nurtured By The Most Unexpected Companion


Rosie is a miracle kitten. Found stray in the streets at only three weeks old, she had a tiny chance of survival. Today, she enjoys life aswell as the thick fur of her adoptive mother, Lilo the Husky.


Lilo is an incredible Husky who specialises in exotic motherhoods. Her empathy and kindness knows no bounds when it comes to the tight boundaries between species. Before Rosie she had already brought up a cat and pampered a young rabbit.



However it was not plain sailing. Rosie dodged a bullet. Hungry, not yet weaned, lethargic, she seemed doomed.


On their Instagram, her adoptive family says that Rosie was so weak she struggled to make it through the first night.


By chance she met Lilo. The dog immediately took her under her wing and demonstrated her admirable patience. Rosie couldn’t have found a better mother.



Lilo even let the kitten suckle from her and encouraged her to share her bed.



The maternal relationship that she offered her was an excellent springboard for Rosie. The cat found confidence in life once more and recovered quickly.


And its clearly thanks to the loving care and patience of Lilo.



From the start the family didn’t think they would keep Rosie. But the relationship between the small cat and the Husky forced them to change their minds. Today Rosie is officially a member of the family alongside several rabbits, another cat and two huskies.


Here she is after a few weeks on her first outing to the Park. Never far from her new mother.



Rosie quickly became confortable with her adoptive family. Here she is pictured between Lilo and Finny, the gang’s other Husky.



She’s even starting to resemble a Husky.



Today Rosie is doing well. And Lilo is quietly recovering from accumilated fatigue. Because the little cat doesn’t leave her alone.



Watch Rosie here, completely obseesed with her new mum:



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