Abandoned In A Park, This Blind Pitbull Is Now In Safe Hands


This is the story of Poly. This gorgeous, blind Pitbull was found alone and shaking on a park bench in Santa Barbara, California last month.


Her former owner had clearly abandoned her, a shameless, sickening act. Nobody knows how long this poor pup stayed there, desperate for someone to look after her.



Source : @TheDodo


Luckily, Poly crossed paths with some volunteers from the shelter home Foreverhome Pet Rescue, based in Los Angeles.


The managers of the pet rescue shelter posted a message saying:


She is a very sweet girl and deserves far better than she has gotten in life so far.



Source : @TheDodo


As well as being blind, Poly suffers from heart problems and she has a skin infection. And if all that wasn't enough, it seems that she had just given birth before being abandoned. Sadly no puppy has been found though.



Source : @TheDodo


A foster family has taken Poly under their wing and are giving her all the loving care she was so horribly denied.



Source : @TheDodo


The family have even set up a Facebook page where they regularly post news about Poly.


Once she has made a full recovery, it will be time to start finding her a permanent home. One thing's for sure, Poly is now in loving, safe hands and will never be neglected again.


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