A Golden Retriever, Eight Birds And A Hamster Are The Ultimate Squad


We've seen our fair share of unlikely interspecies buddies. But we think we may have just about seen it all now. What happens when you mix a Golden Retriever with 8 tiny birds and a furry hamster? Best friends, it seems.


Bob is a gorgeous Golden Retriever from São Paolo in Brazil who has made some unlikely friends. He just likes kicking back with his eight little bird siblings and a fluffy hamster. Wouldn't you?


Here are 13 adorable photos of the gang here:


bob-and-birds-10Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-11Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-13Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-7Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-12Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-9Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-6Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-8Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-1Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-2Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-3Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-4Source: @BobGoldenRetriever



bob-and-birds-5Source: @BobGoldenRetriever


His Facebook page has over 50,000 likes so get onboard if you want to keep updated with all their antics!

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