8 Areas To Massage Your Dog Which Will Benefit Their Overall Health


Anyone with a pet dog knows that you spend most of your time cuddling your furry friend.


But did you know that you could be giving your pup cuddles which benefit their health? Welcome to the art of dog massage!


It's not hard at all, and it will do wonders for your canine companion. What's more, your dog will be loving the physical attention.


Here's how to treat your pup to a dog massage, according to Heal Animal Massage Therapy.


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All you need to know is where a dog's "reflexology points" are on its body, which correspond to different organs, systems and parts of the body.


By giving your pup regular massages pinpointing these specific areas, you will be benefiting your dog's overall health enormously.


It's super simple to do, with a flat palm, just add light pressure to the different parts on your dog's body.


Gently rub the larger muscles using slow, circular movements. When it comes to their legs, you can wrap your fingers around each lower leg and squeeze gently.



Here are the 8 areas to focus on massaging and what they do:


1. Ears – relieves stress and anxiety

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Your dog's ears are a very sensitive zone. Regularly massaging your dog's ears helps them to relax and fights fatigue and anxiety.


2. Head – benefits their nervous system and stomach health

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Yes, you often scratch your dog's head, but try giving them a head massage when you can. They're great for their nervous system and stomach. The area around their brain is linked to the nervous system. And you can gently press around their eyes to benefit their stomach and bladder.


3. Back – combats restlessness and hyperactivity

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If you're dog is naturally quite hyperactive, massaging their back is a great way of calming them down. It's also good for their digestive health.


4. Front Legs - benefits joint health

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Considering how crucial your dog's front legs are, they definitely deserve a lot of attention. Massaging their front legs warms them up before physical activity, benefits joint health and helps prevent injury. In particular, applying pressure to the zone by the crease of their elbow helps them cope with allergies and infections.


5. Chest – strengthens heart health

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Massaging your dog's chest is great for your dog's cardiovascular health. It improves circulation and can also have a positive influence on their blood pressure.


6. Paws - benefits general health and builds trust

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Your dog's paws are an important part of their body, much like human's feet. Massaging them is great for several of their bodily systems. This is also an important area for building trust between you and your dog.


7. Hind Legs - increase flexibility

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A dog's hind legs are also a crucial area when it comes to physical activity and health. Massaging them before extreme physical activity can improve their range of motion and also increase their flexibility.


8. Whole Body – ultimate relaxation

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It might seem obvious, but if you want to give your dog health benefits in all of these areas, then why not give them a full body massage!


You'll relieve muscle tension, help realign their spine, aid blood circulation and assist the tissues in flushing away toxins.


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Did we mention how much your dog will appreciate this intense session of physical attention?! Now you can benefit your dog's health whilst sharing an affectionate moment with them.


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