7 Things Cats Hate When Humans Do


Cats are notoriously finicky creatures and are determined to be treated with only the best. And as cat lovers, we enjoy catering to their whims!


But sometimes, we don't even realize what we're doing upsets them. So here's a list of some of the things that might be upsetting your favorite feline:


1. Not cleaning their litter box enough

cats_dislikes_list_1Source: kenzizocat

Cats are cleanly animals, and they want their litter box to reflect that. They're not going to be comfortable going to the bathroom in anything less than pristine conditions. Most felines want it cleaned at least once a day, and definitely don't want to be sharing if you have more than one animal in the house.


2. Making loud noises

cats_dislikes_list_3Source: izzyandthefluff

Your feline is very sensitive to loud noises so any sort of yelling (especially directed at them) will frighten them and send them running off in an anxious state. If you want to train your cat, it's better to work off positive rewards, rather than reprimand.


3. Declawing them

cats_dislikes_list_5Source: angelbittencourt

This is more common in certain places than others, and while it might make your life easier and save your furniture, it's actually torture for your feline. Many pet owners now realize that it would be like cutting off our fingers at the first knuckle, leading to pain and mobility issues.


4. Aggressive petting

cats_dislikes_list_7Source: cartoon.heart

Most cats love a gentle caress from their favorite human, but unlike dogs, anything too rough will anger them and make them feel unsafe. They are very sensitive and often can't tolerate more than a light scratch.


5. Car rides

cats_dislikes_list_6Source: annie_the_nanny_s_purrty_kitty


Car rides are filled with anxiety for most felines. Not only are they trapped in a confined space, but they can experience motion sickness. Keep them to only when necessary.


6. Dressing them up

cats_dislikes_list_12Source: mr._anime_kidaro

Cats are not dolls, and most will not tolerate any sort of clothing. It is restraining to their movement, and they don't like being ogled.


7. Being ignored

cats_dislikes_list_4Source: fuku.ebisu2108

Although they all have their own personalities, most cats need their space, but when they want attention, they will make sure you know it. If this cry for attention goes ignored, it could put them in a foul mood.


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