27 Reasons Why You Should Never Adopt A Golden Retriever



You don't seriously think that Golden Retriever's are cute, do you? Good, we didn't think so. But just in case you had forgotten, we've got 27 photos to prove just how terrible this breed are.


1. From day one, they are out to get you.

golden-retrieve-1Source: @Buzzfeed


2. They gather in gangs, ready to pounce.

golden-reasons-1Source: @Imgur


3. And they eat everything in their path

golden-reasons-3Source: @imgur


4. And find the best hiding places.

golden-reasons-4Source: @imgur


5. They're particularly dangerous around kids.

golden-reasons-8Source: @imgur


6. And they hate all other animals.

golden-reasons-11Source: @imgur


7. They wouldn't dream of hanging out with fellow Golden Retriever's.

golden-reasons-7Source: @imgur


8. Don't get us started on Retriever's and cats…

golden-reasons-5Source: @imgur


9. They have absolutely no patience with them.

golden-reasons-10Source: @Giphy


10. They don't get on with humans at all.

golden-reaon-22Source: @wltx


11. They'd never understand you.

Golden-adopt-8Source : @bebedasko


12. Your slippers will never last if you've got one of these around your home.

Golden-adopt-4-768x1024Source: @DamienDehon


13. So don't expect them to play with you.

giphy-1Source: @GoldenRetriever


14. Or entertain you in the slightest.

golden-funnySource: @Reddit


15. Hyperactive, these rascals can never relax.

 Golden-adopt-2Source: @DamienDehon


16. They'd choose a muddy puddle over you every day of the week.

muddy-Golden-1Source : @Mali


17. They can never enjoy life. You'll never see a happy one.

golden-reasons-15Source: @imgur


18. Every time you try and suggest a fun activity, they bare their fangs.


Source: @DamienDehon


19. And they can't go travelling with you because they hate cars.


Source: @DamienDehon


20. Golden Retriever's make for the worst service dogs.

golden-reasons-10Source: @imgur


21. They're not intelligent at all, so you'd never be able to train them.


22. They are clearly the least caring of all the breeds.

golden-cuteSource: @GoldenRetrieverForum


23. They could certainly never look after their own little ones.

golden-reasons-17Source: @Golden-Retriever


24. You could never sit on the sofa with them and cuddle.

golden-reasons-22Source: @YesDogs


25. And they hate playing with tennis balls, so don't bother.

golden-reasons-21Source: @ABC


26. And remember: they're so not cute in their old age.

golden-reasons-23Source: @MSchwartzPhoto


27. So it's probably best you never adopt one of these furry things… And definitely not two!

golden-cuteSource: @imgur


Featured image: @MartinBeebee


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