27 Pictures That Show Just How Evil Cats Really Are


Cats have kind of a bad reputation. A reputation for being mean. As much as we love cats and would like to prove just how unfair this reputation is – we couldn't.


So instead, here are 27 pictures of cats being evil masterminds. You have been warned.


1. "The cat wouldn't let me do my homework"


Source: Greenhairdontcare182/Reddit

2. "The cat ate my homework…"


Source: Adan714/Reddit


3. When you try to take a nice picture with your cat


Source: rejeverdeen/Reddit


4. Levitating or ruining the screen door?


Source: teemarsh/Reddit


5. He's mine and so's the bed.


Source: The_Morning_Dove/Reddit


6. That's the dog's breakfast…


Source: Mrbooray/Reddit


7. Cat Vs Christmas tree.


Source: Reddit


8. Have you seen this underwear?


Source: benji/Reddit


9. Only this place will do for my bath.


Source: thrusher/Reddit

10. Kitty doesn't approve of pineapple on pizza


Source: Reddit


11. Attempted murder


Source: allergictokittycats


12. Well, at least he's comfy.


Source: snwboard333/Reddit


13. "Don't sit on the keyboard"


Source: zeinshver/Reddit


14. He knew exactly what he was doing.


15. No-one shuts kitty out


Source: johnschmidt4372/Reddit


16. Caught red-pawed.


Source: washcapsfan/Reddit


17. Don't try to brush your teeth


Source: inkspecialist/Reddit


18. Seriously. Don't.


Source: imgur


19.  Just got back from hospital? Don't expect sympathy from the cat


Source: Teslatic/Reddit


20. Guess we know how he feels about her


Source: _emordnilaP/Reddit


21.  Get a cat, they said. It'll be fun, they said.



22. Cats don't appreciate being walked


Source: partlizard/Reddit


23. Guess I didn't need that envelope anyway…


Source: uracodfish/Reddit


24.  At least he has the grace to look guilty


Source: zeinshver/Reddit


25. Just…how?


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26. Fancy Japanese doors are the perfect opportunity for mischief


Source: Enter_Text_Here/Reddit

27. Not a good way to start the day.


Source: unluckypenguins/Reddit



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