24 Photos That Prove You And Your Dog Are Utterly Inseparable


You guys do everything together. Whether it's sleeping, watching TV, exercise, all your friends know that you really are soul mates. Oh no we're not talking about your other half… We're talking about your dog.


And these 24 photos will prove that you and your dog truly are inseparable:


1. Who else is with you for your first coffee in the morning?

chiens-inseparables-1Source : Les enfants de Candy 


2. Your dog's always your plus one to the party!

chiens-inséparables-2Source : Instagram


3. You like the same TV programmes…

chiens-inseparables-3Source : Journal des femmes


4. You guys aren't fussed about privacy during bath time.

chiens-inseparables-4Source : WordPress


5. Your favourite sports are running, hiking, rollerblading, skateboarding… Ok, fine, anything you can do with your dog.

chiens-inseparables-5Source : Bark Post


6. Your favourite meeting place/hangout is obviously the PARK.

chiens-inseparables-6Source : Au féminin


7. You are both very wary of that cat that's just moved next door.

chiens-inseparables-7Source : WordPress


8. The love you have for each other is unconditional.

chiens-inseparables-8Source : Newad


9. She comes everywhere with you!

chiens-inseparables-9Source : Routard


10. And he would never ever judge you. 

chiens-inseparables-10Source : Regard du web


11. You can always count on them. Without fail.

chiens-inseparables-11Source : Pixabay


12. Pfft, what's a dog basket? Your pup shares your bed!

chiens-inseparables-12Source : Sciences et avenir


13. Don't even get started on how great your selfies are…

chiens-inseparables-13Source : Framepool


14. And you love all their friends.

chiens-inseparables-14Source : Bark Post


15. He's like your own personal fitness coach. One look and you're in your trainers.

chiens-inseparables-15Source : Sparky Times


16. The separation anxiety when you're not together is hard to deal with.

chiens-inseparables-16Source : Pixabay


17. And if you're forced to leave her, you spend your whole time thinking about her.

chiens-inseparables-17Source : Instagram


18. If he doesn't feel very well, then obviously you'll take a day off work to look after him.

chiens-inseparabels-18Source : Melty Buzz


19. There is literally no limit to your love.

chiens-inseparables-20Source : Bored Panda


20. Not one.

chiens-inseparables-21Source : Guide du chien


21. You know every restaurant where she's welcome. And those are the only ones you go to.

chiens-inseparables-22Source : Bark Post


22. Preparing their birthday celebrations is almost more exciting than your own…

chiens-inseparables-23Source : 3 million dogs


23. All of your best memories are with your dog.

chiens-inseparables-24Source : France Rezo


24. And did we mention – you guys are completely and utterly inseparable!

chiens-inseparables-25Source : Bark Post


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