23 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Adopt A Siamese Cat


You know Siamese cats, right? Those famous cats just aren't cute at all. Nope, not even slightly. Not convinced? Well then, here are 23 pictures proving it. Don't say we didn't warn you.


1. They're not at all nice-looking

Source: Dafeierpang



2. There's just no way that these are the cats famed for their elegance

Source: Peepinsthesiamese/Instagram



3. It's not like they appear in films all the time because they're so beautiful

Source: Columbia Pictures


4. And if they did, they'd surely be too snooty to fit in at home

Source: neptuneneko/Tumblr



5. All they do is demand caviar and silk pillows

Source: Pinterest


6. Even their kittens aren't cute

Source: vetstreet.com


7. They're just not playful


8. Especially not as adults

Source: Alxbngala/Tumblr


9. The cuteness you see before you is just an illusion

Source: mini_bella_karli/Instagram



10. Like all cats, they just don't care about their humans

Source: dax.and.digby/Instagram


11. Not even a little bit

Source: flikr



12. Seriously, not at all. They hate humans, frankly


13. No cuddles for you if you get a Siamese

Source: gabbyroseruns


14. They can't stand other cats

Source: dunnright_farm/Instagram



15. So no cuddles for them either

Source: Pinterest


16. Plus, they really don't get along with other animals 

Source: boredomtherapy.com


17. Hissing and scratching is what you'll get if you even try to make them get along 

Source: Pinterest


18. A Siamese cat will never make you laugh

Source: Cat-gifs.com


19. Not goofy at all 

Source: zeushera.siamese



20. They'll never make you smile…

Source: ladypantone/Instagram



21. …Or melt with their definitely-not-adorable faces

Source: 5with2/Instagram



22. So whatever you do…

Source: Pinterest


23. Do NOT adopt a Siamese cat! 

Source: annamica72



* * *


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