22 Photos Of Bizarre Cats That Will Make You Question Reality


We reckon looking at hilarious cat photos makes your day just that bit better. So we've compiled 22 photos of cats who have taken bizarre to a whole new level. And of course, they're going to make you laugh.


1. Meet the cat who is completely bamboozled by life.

wtf-cats-7Source: @Imgur


2. And the one who reinvented how to use a cat tree.

wtf-cats-19Source: @DerpyCats


3. The cat who genuinely thinks he's a human.

wtf-cats-5Source: @BunnyFood


4. This face is everything.

wtf-cats-12Source: @melissascottish


5. Ok, did this cat just defy gravity?

wtf-cats-20Source: @Tumblr


6. Never mess with the cat who wants his dinner…

wtf-cats-16Source: @imgur


7. What happened here??

wtf-cats-6Source: @tumblr


8. King Kong or King Kat?

wtf-cats-18Source: @imgur


9. The super-evil cat who wants money, money, money.

wtf-cats-10Source: @BunnyFood


10. What can they see that we can't?

wtf-cats-13Source: @imgur


11. So this cat just melted…

wtf-cats-17Source: @hailants


12. HOW does this cat look so chilled in water? You're meant to hate it!

wtf-cats-1Source: @imgur


13. This cat who's the boss of everyone. And he knows it.

wtf-cats-11Source: @imgur


14. Have we just caught her doing something she shouldn't be?

wtf-cats-4Source: @imgur


15. This cat who loves creeping you out.

wtf-cats-9Source: @imgur


16. Paws in the air if you ate all the pies…

wtf-cats-3Source: @Tumblr


17. Since when did cats have lips?!

Source: @dinabrains


18. "Anyone wanna give me a hand here?"

wtf-cat-24Source: @Tumblr


19. So this cat thinks he's flour…

wtf-cat-25Source: @imgur


20. And this cat just wants to join the ride.

wtf-cat-26Source: @Catasters


21. Is this another cat who thinks he's a human?

wtf-cats-14Source: @imgur


22. And finally, for this cat, life is just too much.

cat-wtf-1Source: @Tumblr


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