21 Reasons Why English Cocker Spaniels Are The Most Adorable Dogs In The World


English Cocker Spaniels are known for their ridiculously adorable puppy dog eyes and those big floppy ears. But that's not all they're famous for!


Let alone their dashing good looks, English Cockers truly win our hearts with their loyalty, optimism, intelligence and that constantly wagging tail! Did we mention how affectionate they are?


If you ever have a chance to adopt a lovely English Cocker Spaniel, then you're in for a treat! Here are 21 photos proving why:


1. As puppies, these little cherubs win every time.

cocker-spaniel-pupsSource: @elasackville


2. They love humans from the word go.

cocker-5Source: @Holidog


3. And they get on extremely well with other dogs.

cocker-spaniel-6Source: @Buzzsharer


4. Even though they were bred to hunt birds, some Cockers befriend them!

Mans best friend becomes a sparrows best friend.This fledgeling had a narrow escape after it had fallen from its nest and was befriended by Flint the Cocker Spaniel. ‘Chicky’ as the sparrow was named by graphic designer Greg Larcombe's four children was cared for by twins Rebecca and Annabel aged 13, Harry aged 11 and Sophie aged 8 and fed a diet of mealworms which saw Chicky flourish and eventually leave the familys Wiltshire home.Source: @DailyMail


5. They're great at learning new tricks.

cocker-spaniel-15Source: @Buzzsharer


6. Come rain or shine, they love running around outdoors!

cocker-spaniel-12Source: @Buzzsharer


7. And they are always up for a good splash about!

cocker-spaniel-4Source: @Buzzsharer


8. They go mad for any sort of game of 'Fetch'.

SnowGifLge2Source: @Giphy


9. Cocker Spaniel's have got to be the most graceful breed to exist.

cocker-spaniel-13Source: @Buzzsharer


10. They're insanely photogenic, those puppy dog eyes were made to smoulder in front of a camera.

cocker-6Source: @CockerBailey


11. Or look goofy as well, we're not sure which is cuter…

cocker-spaniel-5Source: @Buzzsharer


12. Oh, now we are.

cocker-spaniel-7Source: @Pinterest


13. They know exactly how to make you melt.

cocker-spaniel-14Source: @Pinterest


14. And they are one of the most playful breeds about.

cocker-spaniel-18Source: @Pinterest


15. Obviously they're fantastic with kids, whether it's protecting them, or playing with them.

cockers-6Source: @ZinFamilyCockers


16. Once you've bonded with a Cocker, they'll follow you everywhere. They'll end up in your bed, for sure!

cocker-4Source: @CockerBaxter


17. Ooh, look who we found under the sheets!

cocker-spaniel-3Source: @elasackville


18. They are notoriously greedy pups!

greedy-cockerSource: @EllaAndThings


19. And you have to admire how stubborn they can be sometimes.

puppy-games-2Source: @AboutCockerSpaniels


20. Cockers just want to spend every second with their humans… Even when it's bath time!

cocker-spaniel-17Source: @elasackville


21. And finally, every Cocker parent knows that they are the most affectionate dogs in the world. They're always trying to lick you and have just one more cuddle!

giphySource: @Giphy


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