21 Photos That Prove Your Dog Is The Best Dog In The Whole Wide World


Here at The Holidog Times, we like reminding you just how lucky you are to have your dog in your life. And we thought this week, we'd remind you why your dog is basically the best dog ever. And it's always a good excuse to share some adorable doggy photos too…


So here are 21 photos proving that your dog really is the best in the whole wide world:


1. Your pup is always up for a cuddle with you.

best-dog-ever-66Source: @reddit


2. He knows he can depend on you, because you're his rock.

best-dog-ever-6Source: @imgur


3. He wants to make you proud everyday. And he does.

best-dog-ever-22Source: @imgur


4. You never feel lonely at night because your best bud is always right by your side.

dog-aid-sleep-2Source: @Sook.The.Thai.Rescue


5. And even when they do something naughty, it's still irresistibly cute.

best-dog-ever-5Source: @Reddit


6. She always finds new ways of telling you that she loves you.

best-dog-ever-20Source: @Reddit


7. And he's always happy as long as you're by his side.

best-dog-ever-11Source: @imgur


8. Sometimes they'll just pop up for a hug because they feel like it.

best-dog-ever-10Source: @imgur


9. They're always up for going on an adventure with you.

best-dog-4Source: @c.nags


10. And they love making friends with the next generation.

best-dog-ever-1Source: @imgur


11. They're always keeping an eye out for you.

best-dog-ever-25Source: @reddit


12. One look in those eyes, and you melt.

best-dog-ever-7Source: @WallyBerner


13. Every morning's a joy because you wake up next to your BFF. 

best-dog-ever-13Source: @imgur


14. They may get bigger…

best-dog-ever-23Source: @imgur


15. And they may grow older…

best-doggy-1Source: @rundykuyt


16. But our love for them only grows with them.

best-dog-ever-26Source: @imgur


17. Because seeing that smile every day is a true gift.

best-dog-ever-24Source: @imgur


18. You know you can rely on them no matter what.

best-dog-ever-4Source: @imgur


19. And obviously, they are the best chill buddies ever. Dogs love their downtime.

best-dog-ever-14Source: @imgur


20. Your pup's always got your back.

best-dog-5Source: @Daily_doglife


21. And you'll always have theirs. 

dog-ug-2Source: @reddit


Because they're the best companion in the whole wide world.


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