20 Reasons You Should Never Ever Consider Adopting A Cat


Cats are pretty independent creatures, no matter how hard we try to make them our friends, they're just not interested.


It constantly surprises us how so many people seem to adopt these ferocious felines, so we've made a list of reasons why you should never let one live in your home. After all, it won't be your home once the cat's arrived.


Here are 20 reasons why adopting a cat is the worst idea ever:


1. From day one, these little creatures will make your life hell.

never-adopt-cat-1Source: @glogster


2. They will hide in the most unusual places, waiting to pounce.

adorable-kitten-in-a-cup1Source: @adorablekittens


3. Run for your life if you come across a gang of kittens.

cat-never-adopt-6Source: @Pinterest


4. They'll never let you get any work done.

cat-thankful-5Source : @BoredPanda


5. They cause destruction wherever they go.

cat-thankful-12Source : @Tumblr


6. And when they grow up, they'll start stealing your clothes.

never-adopt-cat-2Source: @instagram


7. In fact, they will declare themselves the owner of your house, and everything in it…

never-adopt-cat-5Source: @instagram


8. As if they could get more scary, they then present you with dead mice.

dead-miceSource: @LaurenPhifer


9. Don't ever leave any kind of box out, they'll claim it as their own.

box-catSource: @GuyForshaw


10. They'll choose the sink over that nice new bed you bought them.

B3el4qxCUAA61RLSource: @BaldyRoy


11. Particularly when you need to use it, there's no getting past these guys.

CLbRjvvWgAAnoXuSource: @ClaireTrigg


12. Their favourite game is giving you a fright by hiding in unexpected places.

cat-hidingSource: @MisterNiku


13. Watch out for their wriggle, it means they're about to launch an attack.

cat-punceSource: @reddit


14. Felines are incapable of chilling out.

never-adopt-cat-3Source: @instagram


15. They also hate hanging out with their fellow kind.



16. And they won't show you any sign of affection.


Source : @Giphy


17. No, they couldn't possibly share a special moment with you.


Source : @Flickr


18. Or give you a look that just makes you melt.

never-adopt-cat-8Source: @Instagram


19. So whatever you do, never ever adopt one of these terrifying creatures…


20. You have been warned.

cat-cuddleSource: @Pinterest