19 Photos That Prove Just How Vicious Pitbulls Truly Are


Last month, 21-year-old Brittany posted a horrifying image set of a Pitbull who was taken into the Humane Society in New Braunfels, Texas, where she works.


The dog, named Spice, is clearly preparing for a deadly attack:






Her tweet quickly racked up over 50,000 shares and many people started chiming in with their own stories and images of their experience with ferocious Pitbulls. Here are 18 more of these images so everyone can be fairly warned about this aggressive breed:


1. You can see the terror in this pug's eyes



2. A fearsome beast

pitbull_attacks_funny_9Source: Alfred M. Baenanno


3. This baby is in grave danger

pitbull_attacks_funny_6Source: Connor Pharris Niles


4. Just look at those teeth!



5. Aggressive guard dog watching over boy with seizures

pitbull_attacks_funny_1Source: Torre Skornia


6. Don't let this face fool you



7. Ready to fight to keep his comfortable spot on the couch



8. So ferocious!

pitbull_attacks_funny_14Source: sarahkat97


9. Ferocious cuddling

pitbull_attacks_funny_16Source: baileyyyyy1


10. Terrifying!

pitbull_attacks_funny_3Source: gpessios


11. He can smell fear

pitbull_attacks_funny_10Source: addy_parrott12


12. Ready to pounce

pitbull_attacks_funny_2Source: girlbitesback


13. Try and take his blanket, I dare you.

pitbull_attacks_funny_7Source: Garz501


14. Ready to rip her arm off

pitbull_attacks_funny_17Source: Terminatrix06


15. Attack dog in training!

pitbull_attacks_funny_15Source: raphaelhamtato


16. Don't trust his disguise

pitbull_attacks_funny_13Source: 0exe


17. Beware!

pitbull_attacks_funny_8Source: CarterBrosz


18. Double trouble

pitbull_attacks_funny_18Source: GottaRaiseYa


As you can see, Pitbulls are obviously not to be messed with. Despite many cities who have decided to ban the animal altogether, the real problem is not the breed, but the training. You can do your part to keep them off the streets by donating to the Humane Society.


H/t: Bored Panda



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