19 Of The Most Unlikely (And Completely Adorable) Animal Friendships On Video


When it comes to friendships, animals don't discriminate. In fact, they can make friends with just about anyone.


And it sometimes makes for some very bizarre sights!


Whether they are dogs, cats, sheep or elephants, these animals are just the best of friends…


1. Just look at his pride in his canine companion…

magical-animal-friendship-1Source: @Holidog


2. It's nap time for these two fluffy creatures – a kitty and his chick!

magical-animal-friendship-2Source: @Holidog


3. Whispering sweet nothings…

magical-animal-friendship-3Source: @Holidog


4. "Faster, faster!"

magical-animal-friendship-4Source: @Holidog


5. Returning home after a long day at the office…

magical-animal-friendship-5Source: @Holidog


6. Who says an elephant and a sheep can't make mud pies together?

magical-animal-friendship-6Source: @Holidog


7. "Better luck next time!"

magical-animal-friendship-7Source: @Holidog


8. Who's the better swimmer?

magical-animal-friendship-8Source: @Holidog


9. An elephant's leg makes a super comfy chair…

magical-animal-friendship-9Source: @Holidog


10. It's a Lady and the Tramp moment for these two lovebirds…

magical-animal-friendship-10Source: @Holidog


11. "Let me get that for you, dog."

magical-animal-friendship-11Source: @Holidog


12. "Catch me if you can!"

magical-animal-friendship-12Source: @Holidog


13. "There's a great view from up here!"

magical-animal-friendship-13Source: @Holidog


14. This horse is just like a kid's play park for this little goat…

magical-animal-friendship-14Source: @Holidog


15. Catching a (very slow) taxi…

magical-animal-friendship-15Source: @Holidog

16. "A little more to the left…"

magical-animal-friendship-16Source: @Holidog


17. The cutest of snuggles…

magical-animal-friendship-17Source: @Holidog


18. Okay, maybe not the cutest…

magical-animal-friendship-18Source: @Holidog


19. There are just too many to choose from!

magical-animal-friendship-19Source: @Holidog


You can watch the super cute video in its entirety right here. Enjoy: