19 Gorgeous Corgi Mixes That Are Almost Too Cute To Be Real


We all know just how adorable Corgis are but wait till you see these Corgi mixes! Those little fluffy bodies and those perky ears go very well with these 19 other dog breeds.


We'll let you take them in:


1. Corgi/Siberian Husky Mix

corgi mixes insane corgi mixesSource


2. Corgi/German Shepherd Mix

corgi mixesSource


3. Corgi/Chihuahua Mix

corgi mixSource


4. Corgi/Greyhound Mix

corgi mixesSource


5. Corgi/Shiba Mix

corgi mixesSource


6. Corgi/Pomeranian Mix

corgi mixesSource


7. Corgi/Beagle Mix

corgi mixes Source


8. Corgi/Aussie Shepherd Mix

corgi mixes Source


9. Corgi/Dachshund Mix

corgi mixes doxie Source


10. Corgi/Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Screenshot 2015-05-21 15.38.03 Source


11. Corgi/Collie Mix



13. Corgi/Sheltie Mix

Screenshot 2015-05-21 15.46.41 Source


14. Corgi/Golden Retriever Mix

insane corgi mixes Source


15. Finnish Spitz/Corgi Mix

corgi finnish spitz mixesSource


16. Corgi/Chow Chow Mix

chow-corgi Source


17. Corgi/Cockapoo Mix

Screenshot 2015-05-21 15.49.10 Source


18. Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier Mix



19. Corgi/Dalmation Mix



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