19 Dogs Oblivious To The Fact That They Are Dogs


It is scientifically proven that dogs imitate their owners. But some take it a bit too far.


They may have been born in the wrong body. Some dogs are truly *human*. Science has not yet addressed this phenomenon. Meanwhile, here are some of the strangest case:


1. “Just one last cat video and then I’ll go to bed.

dog-computervia : @thegoodhumour

2. “You know, your father has been fishing here since he was your age.”

dog-glassesvia : @imgur

3. “I just need to sit here and clear my mind…”

dog-sofavia : @imgur

4. “These pesky pains are truly going to end up driving me mad…”

dog-tvvia : @imgur

7 hours in front of the TV…I’m going to have to get off the sofa and get some fresh air at once.”

dog-windowvia : @imgur

6. “What's up, guys?”

dog-bikevia : @youtube

7. “Got anything stronger, Chief?”

dog-barvia : @cdn

8. “You see, I’m right! There are two ‘p’s’ in “yappy”.”

dog-readingvia : @reddit

9. “2 hour nap…277 unread emails…

dog-computer-3via : @chacha

10. “Can it not wait 5 minutes? I’m trying to wake up slowly...”

dog-sleepingvia : @reddit

11. “Say what?! She dumped you like that?

dog-chairvia : @imgur

12. “Hey, bring me 12 screws, there’s a good lad.”

dog-shopvia : @reddit

So about that massage…

dog-bathvia : @laikahunt

14. “The sofa is mine now.”

dog-sofa-2via : @coop_de_la_poop

15. “Alright team, let’s get the show on the road.

odg-basketvia : @tillytillytilly

16. “How many times have I told you – I'm a vegetarian!

dog-chickenvia : @pacha_the_dog

17. “An animal clinic? But they’ll never accept me here…

dog-clinicvia : @true_racer

18. “Quick, grab a seat! ‘Dog Temptation’ is about to start.”

Bulldogvia : @youtube

Featured image: @reddit