18 Photos That Prove Kids and Dogs Are The Very Best Of Friends


Here at Holidog, we're pretty convinced that no childhood is ever really complete without a dog. Growing up alongside a pup gives you the ultimate playmate, cuddlemate, and just all time best friend.


Here's some proof in 18 adorable pictures…


1.They can keep an eye out for trespassers together.

dogs-and-kids-24Source: @taguthrie_


2. And snuggle up together on the sofa.

dogs-and-kids-2Source: @Distractify


3. They both love watching the TV.

dogs-and-kids-3Source: @PleatedJeans


4. Or catching up on some light reading.

dogs-and-kids-21Source: @PleatedJeans


5. And it's proven that puppies and babies sleep better together…

Source: @PleatedJeans


6. As do any kids and dogs, really…

dogs-and-kids-10Source: @PleatedJeans


7. Because they always find the comfiest positions.

dogs-and-kids-11Source: @PleatedJeans


8. They share absolutely everything.

dogs-and-kids-18Source: @PleatedJeans


9. The two make the perfect companions for playing hide-and-seek.

dogs-and-kids-14Source: @PleatedJeans


10. And obviously fancy dress.

dogs-and-kids-23Source: @baxthebrit


11. They can pray together for that new toy.

dogs-and-kids-5Source: @PleatedJeans


12. And learn how to swim together.

dogs-and-kids-6Source: @PleatedJeans


13. Also, they'll never need to ask for kisses again.

dogs-and-kids-8Source: @PleatedJeans


14. And they look after each other when they're sick.

dogs-and-kids-12Source: @PleatedJeans


15. By catching up on some much needed chill-time.

dogs-and-kids-16Source: @PleatedJeans


16. Or a spot of Disney Channel to make them chuckle.

dogs-and-kids-13Source: @PleatedJeans


17. Or hiding in the new, clean sheets.

dogs-and-kids-25Source: @FourMagpies


18. Because at the end of the day, kids and dogs are simply the best of friends.

dogs-and-kids-15Source: @iheartdogs


H/t & featured image: @PleatedJeans


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