18 Of The Proudest Puppy Parents In The Doggysphere


What's cuter than 18 pictures of puppies? We know – 18 puppies and their very proud parents. You'd probably be pretty chuffed if you had created such adorable little puppies too.


Look at these dogs and their mini-me's here:


1. Mum's taught this pup well.

image47__700Source: @BoredPanda


2. "What are you looking at?"

dogs-and-puppies-15__880Source: @BoredPanda


3. "I've always got your back, son."

Source: @BoredPanda


4. Everyone loves puppy kisses!

dogs-and-puppies-5__700Source: @BoredPanda


5. This mama is clearly in utter bliss.

dogs-with-their-babies-110__700Source: @BoredPanda


6. These two can't be related, can they?

dogs-and-puppies-1__700Source: @BoredPanda


7. "I'm never letting my babies go…"

dogs-and-puppies-9__700Source: @BoredPanda


8. "I know – they're beautiful."

dogs-and-puppies-25__700Source: @BoredPanda


9. Father and son.

dogs-and-puppies-13__700Source: @BoredPanda


10. One pup's not quite sure of her 'left' and 'right' yet…

dogs-and-puppies-41__700Source: @BoredPanda


11. Aww, this is just too cute.

dogs-with-their-babies-103__700Source: @BoredPanda


12. Picking up traits from day one.

image22__700Source: @BoredPanda


13. "Mom, you don't always have to keep an eye on me, you know…"

image23__700Source: @BoredPanda


14. "Oi, don't you to take one step closer towards my pup!"

dogs-and-puppies-7__700Source: @BoredPanda


15. They got it from their momma…

dogs-with-their-babies-113__700Source: @BoredPanda


16. "Come on, sweetie, pose for the photo!"

dogs-and-puppies-12__700Source: @BoredPanda


17. That's one very happy family.

dogs-and-puppies-39__700Source: @BoredPanda


18. "Yes, that's right, I made SIX of these munchkins."

dogs-and-puppies-35__700Source: @BoredPanda


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