18 Of The Most Insanely Awkward German Shepherd Sleeping Positions


Anyone who owns a German Shepherd knows they have lots of cool and quirky traits – but their insanely awkward sleeping positions won't fail to bring a smile to your face!


Here are 18 of their crazy and weird sleeping positions caught on camera…


1. The Kangaroo Pose

german shepherd sleepingSource


2. The half-on, half-off position

german shepherd sleepingSource


3. The bookworm slumber

german shepherd sleepingSource


4. The bowl-pillow snooze

Pic 7 GSDSource


5. The sandman

german shepherd sleepingSource


6. The "I'm not technically in your bed" pose

german shepherd sleepingSource


7. The most comfortable dog in the World pose

sleeping german shepherdSource


8. The human pose

german shepherd sleepingSource


9. That can't be comfortable…

german shepherd sleepingSource


10. The Boxer pose

german shepherd and boxer sleepingSource


11. The luxurious eye mask position

My 80lb german shepherd and my 3lb kitten are the best of friends - ImgurSource


12. The position where a kitten holds your nose in place

german shepherd sleeping and kittenSource


13. Backseat snoozing

german shepherd puppySource


14. The upside-down sofa slumber

german shepherd sleepingSource


15. The sideways-blood-to-my-head sofa slumber

16 gsdSource


16. The "stay out" slumber

german shepherd puppy sleeping funnySource


17. Possibly the cutest sleeping pose ever?

german shepherd sleeping puppySource


18. And finally, the "can't sleep without my spotty puppy blanket" snooze

german shepherd sleeping Source


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