17 Of The Most Adorable Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom


What's better than a hug from your mum? We know, 17 of the cutest parenting photos of animals in the wild.


The bonds between these babies and their parents are like you've never seen before.


1. This mama swan knows how to keep her chicks dry and warm.

animal-parents-2 (1) Source: @BoredPanda


2. That looks like one cosy cuddle.

animal-parents-2 Source: @BoredPanda


3. This lion cub clearly loves kisses from his mummy.  

animal-parents-02 Source: @BoredPanda


4. His dad is always there to lend a helping trunk.

animal-parents-04 Source: @BoredPanda


5. It looks like this baby orangutan never wants to let go of her mama.

animal-parents-03 Source: @BoredPanda


6. Can you spot the two chicks under their mummy's colourful wings?

animal-parents-4 (1) Source: @BoredPanda


7. That is not one, but two utterly loving gazes.

animal-parents-3 Source: @BoredPanda


8. Don't giraffe cuddles look like hearts?

animal-parents-5 Source: @BoredPanda


9. The "I'll never let go" koala mother.

animal-parents-05 Source: @BoredPanda


10. Horsing around with her mummy. 

animal-parents-06 Source: @BoredPanda


11. "It's play time, Mum!"

animal-parents-7 Source: @BoredPanda


12. Enough playing around in the sea, it's supper time!

animal-parents-9 Source: @BoredPanda


13. "Guys, this is so embarrassing, not in public…"

animal-parents-10 Source: @BoredPanda


14. This otter mama keeps her baby afloat during nap-time.

animal-parents-17-2 Source: @BoredPanda


15. "I got it from my momma."

animal-parents-25 Source: @BoredPanda


16. It's bath time for this tiger cub.

animal-parents-31Source: @BoredPanda


17. Father and son answer the call of nature.

animal-parents-32Source: @BoredPanda


H/t and featured image : @boredpanda