16 Angel-Faced Puppies Who Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Day


Puppies are literally some of the cutest beings to walk the earth. And here at the Holidog Times, we like reminding you just that.


Here are 16 angelic puppies who could never do any harm in our eyes:


1 . As saintly as Snow White?

chiots-parfaits-1-Source : Buzz Feed


2. Puppies chewing tennis balls are always divine!

chiots-parfaits-2Source : Buzz Feed


3. "Why did you stop stroking me?"

chiots-parfaits-3Source : Buzz Feed


4. "When are we going on a walk?"

chiots-parfaits-4Source : Buzz Feed


5. "Is it really that funny?"

chiots-parfaits-5Source : Buzz Feed


6. He's just so tiny.

chiots-parfaits-6Source : Buzz Feed


7. "I'm thirsty!"

chiots-parfaits-7Source : Buzz Feed


8. The cutest camouflage you've ever seen.

chiots-parfaits-8Source : Buzz Feed


9. I mean, who else would tolerate a chick on their head?

chiots-parfaits-9Source : Buzz Feed


10. "You're not really going to tell me off, are you?"

chiots-prfaits-10Source : Buzz Feed


11. "Now I'm all soaking wet!"

chiots-parfaits-11Source : Buzz Feed


12. Smile for the camera!

chiots-parfaits-12Source : Buzz Feed


13. "Can we have a cuddle, please?"

chiots-parfaits-13Source : Buzz Feed


14. "Pleaaase can I come up on the sofa?"

chiots-parfaits-14Source : Buzz Feed


15. "Do I look cute in my new pyjamas?"

chiots-parfaits-15Source : Buzz Feed


16. "I'm off to Hogwarts!"

chiots-parfaits-16Source : Buzz Feed


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