15 Things Everyone Who Has More Than One Dog Knows Well


If you are lucky enough to have more than one dog in your home, congratulations! You are sure to be the envy of all of your friends, as well as anyone who sees you and your 4-legged friends as you walk your squad.


But what does the addition of 4 (more) paws add to your life? Find out below!


1. All food is their food


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"Looks like you're enjoying that burger. We too would like to enjoy that burger."


2. No space is personal


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3. Dog toys fill every room


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It's like they have more things than you do.


4. Walks are a logistical challenge


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Just pray that a squirrel doesn't run past you.


5. Peace and quiet is a thing of the past


I had to ask about breakfast. #pushydogs #greatdaneofinstagram #greatdane #daniffsofinstagram #daniff #goodmorningpost

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6. Your friends always want to come round


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They love the dogs more than you, but who can blame them?


7. Dog hair. Dog hair everywhere. 


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8. Sometimes they gang up on you…


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9. It can get pretty smelly…



10. And they sometimes get quite jealous of each other 

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11. But when they get along it's magical 


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12. Think it's difficult leaving the house with one dog? Try 2.


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Those judgey eyes will haunt you all day.


13. One word: Dog farts.


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14. You're treated to a full on, wolf-pack style howlathon every so often



You often ask yourself if you adopted 2 Spaniels or 2 wild beasts.


15. But no matter what, you always have a friend to cuddle 



And you wouldn't give them up for the world!


* * *


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