15 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Best Valentine Ever


Who needs a boyfriend on Valentine's day when you've got a dog?


We've got 15 pawfect reasons that prove why your dog is a way better date for Valentine's than any guy could ever be:


1. They're not embarrassed to hold your hand in public.

valentines-1Source: @imgur


2. In fact, your dog loves a bit of PDA.

valentines-2Source: @HollywoodLives


3. He'll never judge you if you binge on too many episodes of Netflix.

valenitnes-3Source: @imgur


4. He'd actually encourage you to do so, as long as he can join in.

valetinernes-9Source: @alittlebitfunny


5. He knows how to nail romantic surprises.

valentines-5Source: @imgur


6. And he always offers to do the washing up.

valentines-6Source: @imgur

7. He'll interrupt you while you're working just to tell you that he loves you.

valenites-7Source: @Tumblr


8. And he doesn't mind taking loads of selfies until you get the perfect one.

valentines-8Source: @TopTeeen1000


9. He genuinely loves long walks on the beach.

valentines-10Source: @TwelvePawsTwoFeet


10. He loves an occasion to dress up smart on date night.

valetniens-10Source: @DogWedd


11. Your dog never criticises your cooking, in fact, he thinks you're an amazing cook.

valentines-11Source: @WebMD


12. He'll never say you're being needy – he loves all the attention.

valetnines-12Source: @KalynnB


13. Dogs are the best listeners.

valentines-13Source: @ListCrux


14. And he only has eyes for you.

valentines-14Source: @thegrumpygolden


15. And finally, how could anything beat how cute your dog is?

valentines-15Source: @cosmothedachshund


Featured Image: @CourtneyMaxwell

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