15 Photos That Prove Cats Are The Best Companions In The World


Cats are the most special companions that we have. They're totally unique, and did we mention how sassy some of them are? Those of you who are lucky enough to live with a cat will know that they really are the best companions to have in the world.


But for those that weren't 100% sure, here are 15 photos that might make you change your mind:


1. They love reading the morning paper with you.

chats-au-quotidien-1Source : BuzzFeed


2. And wow do cats enjoy a good game of leapfrog.

chats-au-quotidien-2Source : BuzzFeed


3. They like keeping up with all the fashion trends like you.

chats-au-quotidien-3Source : BuzzFeed


4. And most of the time, they love a good cuddle.

chats-au-quotidien-4Source : BuzzFeed


5. They help you do your work…

chats-au-quotidien-5Source : BuzzFeed


6. Your cat's always there, even when you're not paying her any attention.

chats-au-quotidien-6Source : BuzzFeed


7. "If you fall in, I'm coming in with you!"

chats-au-quotidien-7Source : BuzzFeed


8. They love being by your side… Or shoulder.

chats-au-quotidien-8Source : BuzzFeed


9. "Hey, we're the same height now!"

chats-au-quotidien-9Source : BuzzFeed


10. When they love you, they show you everyday.

chats-au-quotidien-10Source : BuzzFeed


11. You touch the twins, you deal with the cats!

chats-au-quotidien-11Source : BuzzFeed


12. Two feline companions are even better.

chats-au-quotidien-12Source : Pets Fans


13. Oh and five adorable kittens too…

chats-au-quotidien-13Source : Naaminis


14. They like reminding you how cute they are all the time.

chats-au-quotidien-14Source : Deviant Art


15. And they love showers… Oh no wait, some of them don't!

chats-au-quotidien-15Source : Bored Panda


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