15 Of The Most Weird And Wonderful Dog Sleeping Positions


Anyone who has ever lived with a dog knows that they have this incredible ability to sleep almost anywhere, at any time and in the most amazing positions.


And we are so grateful that many humans have managed to capture these fantastic moments for everyone’s viewing pleasure.


Here’s a compiled list of some of our personal favourites:



1. His neck is going to pay for that tomorrow…

5Source: @chien


2. How has he managed to fall asleep on sheep?!

10Source: @chien


3. That definitely looks more comfortable than the passenger seat…

6Source: @chien


4. She'd clearly spent too long waiting for her food to be served…

4Source: @chien


5. It doesn't look like the sun was even out.

2Source: @chien


6. This guy has had a really tough day.

1Source: @chien


7. Now that is some serious skill!

3Source: @chien


8. Waiting for the dishwasher to be filled with dirty plates that need licking?

11Source: @chien


9. This pup must have been pretty hot!

15Source: @chien


10. Is this a human or a dog?

sleeeping-5Source: @Pinterest


11. How on earth has he managed that?

082fdd529c99a356327ef20ea84dcbf6Source: @Pinterest


12. Interesting decision to lay his head there.

0694176406dd96f0758cd25d5f925058Source: @Pinterest


13. This dog definitely thinks he's a baby!

95402b6eaeb3b9be4cd6785ad92ed3d6Source: @Pinterest


14. She's going for the whole crossed legs thing here.

1a76a7e85549f33566673362733921b5Source: @Pinterest

15. And this one has clearly just arrived in after a night out!

4d06e8908d5c8cf458992d6ffb8059e0Source: @Pinterest