15 Hysterical Pictures Of Dogs Realising They’re Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park


No one likes going to the doctor and dogs are no different! However, it's no secret they like going to the park and that's exactly where these owners pretended they were going. Look at the hysterical moment these poor pooches realised they had been tricked!


1. It was at this exact moment this dog realised he had been fooled.


Source: Reddit. RachelSpeaking


2. Funny…I don't remember this being the way to the park…


Source: Reddit. Nombacon


3. The face of betrayal.


Source: Reddit. Watsatron


4. They may not have many things in common…but hating going to the vet is one!

Source: Reddit. CloneN7


5. Even this gentle giant is scared!


Source: Reddit. Misterguiness


6. Some try the "if I can't see you, you can't see me" strategy…


Source: Reddit. zapperdude60


7. Thankfully this pooch is a master of hide and seek, so the vet will never find him…


Source: Reddit. MatthewAndrew


8. ? How much is that doggy in the window ?


Source: Reddit. Stephiejeanmachine


9. Sometimes all that is needed is a helping hand.


Source: Reddit. Lowspeedlowdrag


10. Looks like we have an escape artist on our hands…Houdini, is that you?


Source: Reddit. TenForTwoYears


11. Wait, this doesn't look like the park…hmmmm


Source: Reddit. NearlyOutOfMilk


12. Before and after being told he was going to the vet…


Source: Reddit. arthurtheking10


13. Joke's over, you can take me to the park now!


Source: Reddit. Scarytownterminator


14. Have you ever seen such an unamused pooch?!


Source: Reddit. letibeti


15. If you want us, you'll have to go through our mom!


Source: Reddit. onlyoneavailable


H/t: Bored Panda


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