15 Dogs Who Have Made Friends With Their Very Own Bambi Deers


We thought dogs and pigs were BFF's but now we've seen these photos of dogs and deers who are this close, we've changed our minds.


Dogs really are the softest creatures on earth. And they must be if they can cosy up to deers, who are known to be very timid. Whether out in the woods, on a stroll through their backyard, or even in the back of the police car (we know!), these two were just meant to be furrever friends.


Check out these 15 irresistible photos of dogs and their deer friends here:


1. These two have been friends since they were babies.

dog-deer-13Source: @nala_the_germanshepherd


2. And this pup loves mothering this adorable doe.

 dog-deer-8Source: @jennthirteen


3. Dogs make particularly good mothers for Bambi's like this one.

dog-deer-11Source: @4nim4lsd4ily


4. These two have got to be related, right?

dog-deer-15Source: @libraa3


5. Even when they're puppies, they love licking them!

dog-deer-9Source: @lewypierson


6. And the deers love kissing them back!

dog-deer-2Source: @imgur


7. These two know how to master the neck cuddle.

dog-deer-6Source: @imgur


8. Or behind the ear, this doe knows her German Shepherd friend loves that!

dog-deer-10Source: @imgur


9. These guys are a full-on family.

dog-deer-4Source: @imgur


10. Just kicking back on their front porch…

dog-deer-3Source: @imgur


11. They know all the different snuggle positions.

dog-deer-5Source: @imgur


12. They're gentle and tender with each other from the start.

dog-deer-14Source: @kennith_the_great_view


13. They fit together so snug, it was meant to be.

dog-deer-7 Source: @imgur


14. This adorable pair can never be separated.

dog-deer-12Source: @19btbailey84


15. And we'll never forget this duo. This pup helped this deer get back on her feet before going back into the wild.

deer-rescue-10Source: @YouTube



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