15 Cats Who Will Beat You At Hide-And-Seek


Our feline friends are naturally very discreet, giving them an advantage when it comes to finding the best hiding place.


Not only do they find the unlikeliest spots for a snooze, but they position themselves carefully so as to keep an eye on their 'territory'. And they get a kick out of hiding in the most unexpected of places, ready to jump out at you at any moment…


Whatever these 15 cats are trying to achieve, one thing is sure: they have purrfected their technique…


1. Surely a bigger box would look better on him?

cat-hide-seek-1Source: @Pinterest


2. Someone should mention that the curtain is completely transparent!

cat-hide-seek-2Source: @Buzzfeed


3. Blending in…

cat-hide-seek-9Fonte: @Mashable


4. Part of the family?

cat-hide-seek-8Source: @Mashable


5. These cats seem to think they are toys…


Source: @Buzzfeed


6.  Funny guy!

enhanced-buzz-23141-1369253934-18Source: @Buzzfeed


7. Finally, someone is getting creative! 

cat-hide-seek-6Source: @Buzzfeed


8. "Can you see me?"

cat-hide-seek-11Source: @Buzzfeed


9. Nearly there…

cat-hide-seek-5Source: @Buzzfeed


10. Don't think that's the best choice…

cat-hide-seek-21Source : @Funniestplace


11. Good idea, poor execution. 

cat-hide-seek-12Source: @Mashable


12. Somebody should have been more careful…

cat-hide-seek-13Source: @Igmur


12. "They'll never find me in here!"

cat-hide-seek-7Source: @Igmur


13. "Now you see me, now you don't!"

cat-hide-seek-19Source: @Buzzfeed


14. Why not?

cat-hide-and-seek-17Source: @Igmur


15. "You'll never catch me."

cat-Source: @Buzzfeed


What about you? What's the weirdest place your feline friend has chosen as a hiding place? Let us know in the comments!