15 Breathtaking Photos Of Wolfdog And His Human On Epic Adventures


Loki the Wolfdog and his human have an exceptional bond. His human, Kelly Lund, loves nothing more than exploring new places with his best friend. The pair have been embarking on epic adventures together since the husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix was just four months old.


His first adventure was backcountry snowboarding!


loki-adventure-23Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


The pair love climbing mountains, exploring lakes and waterfalls and setting up camp to enjoy the sunset.


loki-adventure-1Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


loki-adventure-8 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


loki-adventure-16 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


Loki is anything but camera-shy. Him and his human's photos act as a journal of their adventures. And they've attracted over 700,000 followers on Loki's Instagram.


loki-adventure-9 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


loki-adventure-5Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


This exceptional pup has seen things most humans never have…


loki-adventure-4Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


loki-adventure-14 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


loki-adventure-21 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


And indeed, it is through their photos that Kelly wants to encourage everyone to go exploring with their dogs.


He told BoredPanda:


I believe dogs aren’t meant to live out their lives in a backyard or inside a house. I hate to see that. I hope we are inspiring people to get out, explore our world, and make memories with their pups.


loki-adventure-19 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


loki-adventure-18Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


Loki wraps up warm in a sleeping bag just like his human at night.


loki-adventure-25 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


But sometimes he prefers to sleep under the stars.


loki-adventure-12 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


One thing's for sure, these two truly are the best of friends.


loki-adventure-2 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog


loki-adventure-15 Source: @LokiTheWolfdog

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