25 Reasons Why Westies Are Our Besties


Have you ever seen a Westie cock their head to the side? You might have melted. They like doing that. The West Highland Terrier is a breed to end all breeds.


Their bubbly character always has us in fits. Often described as "big dogs in little dogs' bodies" – these guys love cuddles and naptime indoors and then go crazy playing outside.


We've got 25 reasons why Westies really do make the best companions ever:

1. They make the cutest puppies.



2. Especially when they sit in that adorable position…

wesite 2Source


3. Two Westie puppies together is the stuff of dreams.

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4. Look at these guys in their little hats!

westie 4Source


5. And when they grow up, they get even better.



6. They love dressing up for an occasion, and look very dapper when they do.

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7. Oh yeah, they know just how to work the camera.

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8. They will not be defeated by the weather, they love the outdoors.

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9. Especially running through the leaves in the autumn.



10. And they love making you laugh.

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11. So it's impossible to ever leave them behind…

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12. I mean, just look at that face!

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13. Bath time with these guys is the best.



14. It can get pretty interesting…

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15. They love being a little bit naughty, but we always forgive them.

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16. Their incredible white fur means they fit right in with your sheets 🙂



17. That's right, plenty of cuddle time.



18. Whether it's playtime on the sofa…



19. Or giving mummy lots of kisses…



20. They are super affectionate.



21. They obviously love kids as well.



22. And playing with their fellow kind.



23. They're also very intelligent so love learning new tricks.



24. There goes that adorable head cocking thing they do!



25. Ultimately, Westies, you really are our besties!

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