14 Reasons To Be Pawsitively Thankful To Have Your Dog In Your Life


With Christmas and New Year around the corner, we thought it was time to think about the things we're grateful for. And at the top of of the list: our beloved dogs.


They are the most loving and loyal companions in the whole world. And we think they deserve some extra cuddles from you today.


Here are 14 reasons why dogs are the best companions in the whole world:


1. Your pup can always put a smile on your face.

dog-rolling-in-grass-shutterstock_118413646Source: @LolasFinestPets


2. They're always there to welcome you home.

dog-welcome-gifSource: @imgur


3. They are your most loyal companion.

thankful-dogs-4Source: @BuzzFeed


4. They love cuddling up to you on the sofa.

thankful-dogs-11Source: @TheOdyssey


5. And they are always in good spirits.

thankful-dog-8Source: @imgur


6. They know how to make you laugh.

thankful-dogs-6Source: @BarkPost


7. And they encourage you to take exercise.

thankful-dogs-19Source: @LeadingThePack


8. You can act silly with them and they'll never judge you.

thankful-dogs-13Source: @Photocase


9. They love kissing you all over.

dogs-lick-human-feet_b97e6187c3d521Source: @Ask


10. They're always there for you in the hard times. 

thankful-dogs-3Source: @BuzzFeed


11. And you've always got a playmate.

thankful-dogs-5Source: @BarkPost


12. And someone to wake up to.

lexisamoyedwakesupdadSource: @BarkPost


13. You love all their cute little traits.

thankful-dogs-1Source: @Pinterest


14. But most of all, they are your best friend and they love you unconditionally. 

man-playing-dog-parkSource: @medicaldaily


What better way to thank your dog for being the bestest friend in the whole world than by giving him a present? Treat them to a box full of goodies and they will know just how much you love them. You can get our HappyBox full of yummy treats and toys here.


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