14 Cats Who Have Realised That Dogs Are The Best Pillows Ever


For our beloved four-legged friends, their nap-time is considered sacred. So it's very important they find the cosiest spot to rest their furry little heads.


And these 14 cats have realised sleeping on their canine friends (or foes) is particularly comfortable.


The best thing about it? The dogs don't mind one bit… In fact, they love it!


Here are 14 photos of cats sleeping on dogs that will make you melt:


1. This is clearly the most comfortable way to sleep!

15-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @TheCitizen


2. Although this Bulldog isn't too sure about the creature snoozing beside him…

cute-cats-sleeping-on-dogs-19__605Source: @BoredPanda


3. And this Dachshund's not going anywhere anytime soon!

12-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @OneGreenPlanet


4. It's even cuter when they've got matching fur.

09-cats-sleeping-on-dogs Source: @matinlumineux


5. Those are some serious balancing skills!

cats-sleeping-on-dogs-5Source: @Funny-Pictures


6. And this position is even more impressive!

07-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @Pic-Search


7. "Mum, I think my bed's a bit too big for me…"

03-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @Imgur


8. That's one squishy sandwich.

04-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @BoredPanda


9. Ok, this might be an attack not a nap… A nap-attack?

11-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @BoredPanda


10. This kitty' sussed out how to master it.

cats-sleeping-on-dogs-4Source: @imgur


11. "Can you help get this rude creature off my head, please?"

02-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @imgur


12. The comfiest fluffy blanket ever!

05-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @YummyForMyTummie


13. Introducing the camouflage napping kitten…

14-cats-sleeping-on-dogsSource: @Teck415


14. Of course, sometimes it happens the other way around!

cute-cats-sleeping-on-dogs-198Source: @YummyPets