13 Photos Of Gorgeous Dogs Winning Over Their Parent’s Hearts


We all know that dogs are human's best friend, offering us the love, support and affection needed to make it through even the toughest challenges life throws at us.


In fact, sometimes our four-legged friends really get us through the day. These photos capture that extra special friendship perfectly. If you're feeling low or just in need of your daily dose of cuteness, prepare to have your heart warmed immediately!


1. There's no kiss like a dog's kiss.

dog-human-love-5Source: @Instagram


2. He'll go absolutely anywhere with you, and he'll hold your hand the whole time. 

dog-human-love-7Source: @Instagram


3. Human is dog's favourite pillow. It's a fact.

dog-human-love-4Source: @Instagram


4. "I love you, human!"

dog-human-love-9Source: @Instagram


5. "You're embarrassing me, mum!"

dog-human-love-8Source: @Instagram


6. "Who's the cutest of them all?"

dog-human-love-3Source: @Instagram


7. "I think it needs more salt, dad". 

dog-human-love-6Source: @Instagram


8. The look of love.

dog-human-love-11Source: @Instagram


9. "Now you see me, now you don't!"

dog-human-love-1Source: @Instagram


10. "Let me help you out there". 

dog-human-love-12Source: @Instagram


11. "You're my best friend in the whole world".

dog-human-love-13Source: @Instagram


12. It's dog versus blanket for this human's affections. 

dog-human-love-10Source: @Instagram


13. He'll give you puppy dog eyes like no other. 

dog-human-love-2Source: @Instagram


It's official – a dog will love you like no one else!

H/t: @BarkPost