13 Of The Most Breathtaking Family Photos In The Animal Kingdom


Whilst it might take a while for humans to get looking their best for their family photoshoot, our animal friends seem to pull it off with ease. And they're just so much cuter than we could ever be!


Whether it's dogs or donkeys, bears or birds, the animal kingdom reminds us that family really is everything.


Check out 13 of the most breathtaking family shots in the animal kingdom:


1. A mama and her babes.

animal-fam-3Source : @buzzly


2. Cat hugs are the best.

cat-family-cute-kittenSource : @vetlocator


3. A proud chimpanzee mother.

singe-photo-de-familleSource : @buzzly


4. It's a Husky train!

husky-family-dog-cuteSource : @animalztv


5. "Don't worry, I'll protect you."

animal-fam-2Source : @buzzly


6. That's one fluffy family.

ours-photo-de-famille-buzzSource : @buzzly


7. The first time a mother holds her newborn.

ecureuil-photo-famille-demoSource : @buzzly


8. "You just stay right beside me…"

elephant-family-cuteSource : @attackofthecute


9. These baby foxes only have love to give.

renard-family-Source : @buzzly


10. "Who's coming?"

ours-famille-buzzSource : @buzzly


11. It's family dinner time!


Source : @animalwall


12. When your mum just wants a kiss from you…

vache-famille-Source : @Pinterest


13. "Look at what we made."

pingouin-familleSource : @buzzly


Featured image: @buzzly