13 Dogs Who Are Convinced They’re Cats


They say you can be born in the wrong body. And for these dogs, it couldn't be more true. You may be surprised but they're actually way more like cats. These 13 dogs are properly convinced that they're as feline as cats come.. and on first glance, we could be persuaded too!


We'll let you be the judge:


1. "This is all I need!"

dogs-as-cats-1Source : @Amazonaws


2.  I mean, she's really mastered that.

dogs-as-cats-2Source : @Amazonaws


3. "Anything the matter?"

dogs-as-cats-3Source : @Reddit


4. "Oh hi!"

dogs-as-cats-4Source : @Imgur


5. His human's totally used to this sort of behaviour.

dogs-as-cats-5Source : @Reddit


6. The best position for every feline.

dogs-as-cats-6Source : @Imgur


7. How on earth did she get up there?

dogs-as-cats-7Source : @Imgur


8. Hang on a second…

dogs-as-cats-8Source : @Amazonaws


9. There's space for all three of them!

dogs-as-cats-9Source : @Amazonaws


10. "Couldn't be easier!"

dogs-as-cats-10Source : @Imgur


11. No comment.

dogs-as-cats-11Source : @Reddit


12. Not such a wise guy now…

dogs-as-cats-12Source : @Amazonaws


13. Cats love cardboard boxes, and so does this dog.

dogs-as-cats-13Source : @Amazonaws


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