12 Cunning Cats Who Were Caught At Exactly The Right Moment


Those with feline companions know that they can be so elegant, so reserved, so peaceful, but also…terribly unpredictable.


Cats just love to surprise us when we least expect it. They are masters of karate, with a range of crazy poses to show off.


Some quick-thinking humans were able to capture the precise moment when these cats struck, providing us with endless entertainment!


Just for you, we present 12 cats who have truly mastered the art of surprise.


1. Fight me, human! 

cat-right-moment-1Source: @Smash


2. Here we have Superman's cat, otherwise known as Supercat.

cat-pefect-time-2Source: @Smash


3. "He'll never find me up here…"

cat-perfect-time-3Source: @Smash


4.  Who can roar the loudest?

cat-perfect-time-4Source: @Smash


5. This one's training for his dancing career. 

cat-perfect-moment-15Source: @Buzzfeed


6. "Take my photo, human."

cat-perfect-time-6Source: @Smash


7. These two are in perfect sync.

cat-perfect-time-7Source: @Smash


8. This guy noticed there was an important part missing… 

cat-perfect-time-8Source: @Smash


9. On your marks, get set, go!

cat-perfect-time-10Source: @Smash


10. "I'd always dreamed of having a moustache!"

cat-perfect-time-9Source: @Smash


11. "When will it be my turn?"

cat-perfect-time-13Source: @Smash


12. "3, 2, 1… Lift off!"

cat-perfect-time-12Source: @Smash