12 Breathtaking Photos Of Dogs And Their Unlikely Animal Friends


Dogs are sociable creatures and when they make unusual friendships with other species, it really is something special. Who says dogs and lions can't be friends? Our four-legged companions are clearly a lot more emotionally complex than we might have thought.


As mother figures, or as playmates, dogs never cease to amaze us with their quality of making amazing friendships.


Now we'll let you enjoy these 12 truly adorable animal friendships:


1. Pumpkin the Raccoon and Toffee the Dog

pumpkin-toffeeSource: @PumpkinTheRaccoon


2. Beau the Cockatoo and Lily the Boxer

unlikemy-friends-2Source: @MrBeauJangles


3. Bonedigger the Lion and Milo the Dachshund

lion-and-dog-best-friends-1Source: @BarcroftMedia


4. Bubbles the African Elephant and Bella the Black Lab

bella-bubblesSource: @BarryBland


5. Biscuit the Dog, Bing and Swarley the Prairie Dogs and Halpert and Hugh Quackman the Ducks

interspecies-squadSource: @PrairieDogPack


6. Wilbur the Pig and Sausage the Basset Hound

sausage-pigSource: @WilburtheBaconator


7. Benny the Cat and Jonas the Dog

friends-58Source: @copiouscattitude


8. Snake and Dog

snake-and-dogSource: @ShiftYourConsciousness


9. Mabel the Chicken and the Puppies

unusual-animal-friendship-5-1Source: @BoredPanda


10. Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Hound

oragnutat-nogSource: @ALetterToMyDog


11. Jess the Springer Spaniel and the Baby Lamb

springer-lambSource: @RichardAustin


12. Lisha the Labrador and Josh and Jordan the Cheetah Cubs

labrador-cheetahSource: @CangoWildlife