12 Adorable Moments Between Mom Bears And Their Teddy-Bear Cubs


It's no coincidence that the most popular teddies for kids are bears…


Mommy bears are full of love and affection towards their babies, who are the cutest mini-me's ever.


Even though these mammals are known for their aggressive predatory instinct, they are the softest and most adorable when it comes to their little bear families!


The proof is in these 12 magnificent photos illustrating how mommy bears take care of their cubs. You are guaranteed to smile!


1. Mommy bear: the most comfortable way to get around!

maman-ours-12Source: TheSun


2. "Enough kisses for today, please!"

maman-ours-7Source: BoredPanda


3. "Get back here so I can fix your fur!"

maman-ours-3Source: BoredPanda


4. "Give Mommy a kiss!"

maman-ours-6Source: BoredPanda


5. "Which one was bothering you?!"

maman-ours-11Source: Mirror


7. "Don't worry kids, I'll take care of it!"

maman-ours-10Source: BoredPanda


8. "Come back down immediately!"

maman-ours-9Source: BoredPanda


9. "When are you going to learn to eat on your own?!"

maman-ours-8Source: BoredPanda


10. "Yes, I know you love me, but stop biting me!"

Source: BoredPanda


11. "Mom-hugs are the best."

Source: BoredPanda


12. "Good night little ones!"

maman-ours-1Source: BoredPanda


H/t: BoredPanda