11 Ways Your Dog Tells You They Love You Every Day


You know your dog thinks you're the best person in the world. They love you unconditionally, and they're always so happy to see you. But we just thought we'd remind you of some of the ways your dog tells you that they love you every day.


Here are 11 things your dog does that basically mean they absolutely adore you:


1. When they stare at you, that means they love you.

dog-stare-1Source: @SurvivingMush


A well-known dog expert, Brian Hare, said that when your dog looks you in the eye, he is “hugging you with his eyes”.


2. When they bring you a toy, they want to share it with you.

brings-toysSource: @imgur


Bringing you a toy means more than just wanting to play. They want to share something they value with you, because they love you.


3. If your dog lies on his back looking at you, they trust you completely.

lie-on-backSource: @Yeti.the.Bernese


When a dog lies on their back with their paws in the air, they are totally vulnerable. This submission shows that they love you and completely trust you.


4. When your dog falls asleep with you, that's love.

sleep-dog-52Source: @DamoleComte


When your pup conks out in bed with you, it means they feel totally relaxed in your presence. And they want to be as close as possible to you.


5. Lying on your laptop looking up at you.

stop-working-humanSource: @Houndsland


"Stop working and cuddle me, already!" – your dog wants you to give her the attention you're giving the screen!


6. When you hold them and they lean into you.

dog-cuddle-87Source: @LittleKareena


When your dog nestles into you, that means they feel safe and protected with you, the one they love.


7. Curling up with you on the sofa is when they're at their happiest.

sofa-time-dogSource: @MeghanMurray


The ultimate dog downtime is when they're allowed to lie on the sofa with you and get nice and warm and cosy curled up next to you.


8. Sitting on or near your suitcase when you're about to go away.

dont-go-pleaseSource: @LeavingStardust


When your dog lingers by your suitcase, it means they know you are about to leave them. They're asking you not to go and saying that they'll miss you lots.


9. When your dog yawns in your presence.

dog-yawn-5Source: @northlinkweims


Yawning can also be contagious for dogs and when dogs mimic their human's yawns, it means the dog is completely bonded with them and feels super relaxed in their presence.


10. They hate to see you sad and they know when you are.

dog-comfortsSource: @LifeHack


It's been proven that dogs are very sensitive to our moods. Dogs can sense when you're down and will respond to human tears and try to reassure you if you are distressed. That's love and support if we ever saw it.


11. If your dog steals your clothes, knickers or socks.

pant-thiefSource: @Reddit


When your dog steals a pair of your dirty socks, it's not because they're being badly behaved. Dogs like having pieces of your clothing because it smells like you and so they find it reassuring and comfortable. They just want to be near you at all times.


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